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Notes from Nakayoshi Preschool

1st term 2022-2023

The temperature has finally become normal! We feel the change of seasons.

Welcome to the newly enrolled children and welcome back to the returning children.

This school year, the teachers arranged the classroom for the children to be able to play, study, and eat together because each child sat at each desk by himself or herself until last school year due to COVID-19. Now the children play with the same toys, look at each other and laugh, and call each other by name. It makes us happy just looking at them. Continuing from the last school year, the children do exercise (e.g. “Radio Exercise”) or dance all together outside for about 15 minutes every Friday.

We will have the Picture Day on October 14. Karen Nakamura Photography will come to school and take individual photos. On October 28, our Halloween Parade will be held on the premises. We will notify you of the details later.
Concerning the Church guidelines of COVID-19, outdoor masking is no longer required but highly recommended.
The teachers and staff will continue to work together as a team so that the children will be able to play and learn safely and enjoyably at the Nakayoshi preschool. Thank you.

Director Keiko Damiata

Teachers & Staff

Penguin class: Ryoko Nakawake (Master), Kazue Higa

Risu class: Naomi Inoue (Master), Kimika Nakashima

Banana class: Naoko Saito (Master), Miyuki Hernandez, Yoko Hersch

Melon class: Yuka Nayuki (Master), Miyuki Hernandez, Yoko Hersch

Bara class: Toshie Kimoto (Master), Shiho Iwagoe

Sumire class:Tomoko Nakagawa (Master), Shiho Iwagoe

Office Admin Assistant: Kimiko Sullivan

New Teacher’s Self-introduction

I am Kimika Nakashima. I started to work as an assistant teacher at NAKAYOSHI Preschool this August. I am honored to work for this preschool where my daughter graduated 8 years ago. My goals are to make children feel secure and happy to learn.

Piano and Laminating Machine Donation from Church Members

The Joe Koyanagi family donated a piano. It has been placed to the Banana class. Also, the Patti Nishimura family donated a laminating machine. We now can laminate bigger size materials. We truly appreciate the generosity of both families.

Messages from Teachers

Penguin Class

The Penguin children say, “Good morning, Teacher!” when they come to their classroom. Those children who cried a month ago can greet the teachers now. At the beginning, the new children must have been full of anxiety because they had to separate from their parents, and everything was new. They were in a new preschool environment with unfamiliar teachers and children. On the hand, our returning children are leading the Penguin Class as a leader and teacher’s helper.
The Penguin children are getting used to the daily routines. For example, they play with new friends outside, eat snack, play in the classroom, make various crafts, eat lunch, and take a nap. They are trying to do these activities by themselves as much as possible. For example, they take out the snack from their bag, put a blanket and sheet on their bed, and put on and take off their shoes. Although we may help the children, they are happy and shinning when accomplishing these activities. They mostly play alone; however, they sometimes interact with other children and play with them. We hope that the children will learn various things and grow up while conflicting sometimes, making amends, and helping each other. We strive to have a fun and safe environment for them.

Risu Class

It has been more than one month since the new school year started. Those children who were full of anxiety and tension cried out loud at the beginning but come to school with a smile now. They can say, “Ohayo” and “Sayonara”. They love to sing “Dragonfly’s Grasses“ and “I have a Beard” in the classroom. They tend to play alone now; however, we hope they will be interested in playing with others soon. At the same time, we will teach them how to interact with others. We will make every effort to create a fun and safe environment where children will have various experiences. We’re looking forward to having your children for all year.

Banana Class

The Banana Children sit at a big table every day where teachers put desks together to make it. Sitting next each other or face to face is the first time for them in a while due to COVID-19. Although some of them were bewildered at the beginning, they now enjoy playing and eating lunch while talking.
Continuing from the two-year-old classroom, they practice getting dressed, taking out a water bottle from their bag, opening and closing their lunch box lid, putting on and taking off their shoes, and preparing their bed. When they need help, we encourage them to use words by saying, “Sensei, Yattekudasai (Please do it)”.
In the three-year-old class, they will learn how to use markers and pencils and learn the concepts of numbers. They will also learn the concepts of before and after from the calendar. We hope that they will enjoy making crafts with glue and scissors all by themselves.

Melon Class

The Melon Class consists of returning friends and a new friend (Akira-kun). They care about crying of younger children (the Penguin and Risu children) and help them to carry their bags, which make us feel their growth. We feel that they are proud of being promoted because they answer, “Yes” in a strong voice when being asked, “Are you in the Melon Class?”. We will look after carefully the needs of each individual child until they get used to new class environments and proceed at their own pace. It’s the time of the season now so that it’s easy to get sick. Please reexamine your child’s daily habits. For example, going to bed early and getting up early, and eating breakfast are very important. Lastly, we will try to have an environment that children feel that today was fun as usual. Our first goal is that to make them feel “I love preschool!” We’re looking forward to having your children for all year.

Bara Class

A month has passed since the children moved to the Bara Class. They are getting used to the new environment. When they come to the classroom in the morning, they tell the teachers about a lot of things.
They seem to be proud of being the oldest children in the Nakayoshi Preschool and full of energy with joy and confidence.
There are many children who want to be a helper. They check the helper chart every morning and say, “Today is your turn. Good luck!” and they are looking forward to being a helper and ask, “Who will be a helper tomorrow?”. They seem to show their potential fully and enjoy their new preschool life. They started to practice writing their names and simple letters and numbers so that they will be interested in learning. Writing Hiragana letters with a pencil is the first time for them. They sometimes ask, “How can I write, Teacher?” or say, “I can’t.” Then we encourage them and say, “Let’s do you best.” They try to do their best because they know that they are the oldest children at school. Telling them that “You are the oldest children in school” motivates them to do it. When they can write well, they show their workbook to us with a big smile. We will value their motivation and cooperation with friends. We would like them to enjoy the last year of their preschool life.

Sumire Class

It has been more than one month since the Sumire Class started. The children look so happy to see each other after the summer vacation. Since all the children in the Sumire Class were moved from either the Banana or the Melon Class, they all know each other. Both the Bara and Sumire children get along and we have a good atmosphere. They call each other by name when seeing or playing together outside. After the guidelines for COVID-19 mitigated, we put a carpet in the classroom like we had before. The children sit shoulder-to- shoulder and look at books, play Legos with other children, etc. They look so happy because it is the first time for them to play with others like this at preschool due to COVID-19. It makes us smile just looking at them. In terms of academic elements, the four-year-classrooms include learning the concepts of numbers and Hiragana letters to prepare for kindergarten. Our children started to write letters and numbers with a pencil. Before they go to a local school, we would like them to master Hiragana letters as much as possible. Interest differs from person to person so that we encourage our families to introduce Hiragana letters to your child or have them practice them at home. We hope that the children will have many memories through the last year of their preschool life.