JLS Newsletter “2nd SEM. 2022” available online

The News Letter / 2nd SEM. 2023 is now available online.

Dear Parents and Guardians:

I hope all of our families find this edition of our newsletter safe and warm. The first day of spring has passed, and it’s still February, but I feel that it’s starting to feel like spring. In Japan, the flowering state of “Kawazu cherry blossoms” has become a hot topic. Unlike regular cherry blossoms, they begin blooming earlier, last longer, and are graced with a vibrant pink hue. It is said that “Kawazu cherry blossoms” are beautiful even after they turn into leafy cherry blossoms, and can be appreciated for nearly a month after flowering.

In February, we started practicing for Presentation Day (Gakushu-Happyokai). It will take place on April 29th. Presentation Day is a place where children can experience the joy of learning, saying, “ I’ve become so good through practice,” and have their families recognize their achievements. It is also a place where parents can see and feel their child’s learning and growth. For the teachers, it is a place where they can show the parents the results of their teaching skills that cannot be seen on a daily basis, and also the teachers can build trusting relationships with children and parents. I would appreciate it if you could come and visit Presentation Day and give all the children a big round of applause.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for donating towards the oseibo that was presented to our teachers as a year-end gift in December. Please see the following page for the Oseibo Donor List.

I appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation.


Harumi Uehara, Principal
Gardena Buddhist Church Japanese Language School

Important Dates

4/1 Sat 2nd Trimester Ends & Parent-Teacher Conference (TBD)
4/8 Sat Spring Break
4/15 Sat 3rd Trimester Begins & Sushi making class (afternoon)
4/29 Sat Presentation Day (9:00 a.m ~ 10:30 a.m)
5/6 Sat GBC Spring Market No school
6/17 Sat 3rd Trimester Ends & Graduation + Completion ceremony

2021-2022 Teachers

Principal Ms. Uehara
Administrative assistant Ms. Ando
Nyumon Ms. Boone & Ms. Kajiwara
Grade 1 Ms. Williams
Grade 2 Ms. Sugaya
Grade 3 Ms. Atagi
Grade 4 Ms. Watanabe
Grade 5 Ms. Moriguchi
Grade 6 & 7 Mr. Yashiro
Grade 8 ~ 11 Ms. Miyanaga

Oseibo Donor List