Message from Principal


Madoka I. Hull, PrincipalThe Gardena Buddhist Church Japanese Language School offers heritage Japanese language education along with Japanese culture to our children. Our mission is to help our students proudly discover the beautiful language and culture. Further, we hope our students broaden their intellectual horizons and deepen their knowledge.

Our teachers are passionate about teaching. They combine effective approaches of teaching with authentic materials based on the real-life use of the language. They are native Japanese and have a variety of excellent methods to teach as well as a sincere love of language.

Children with different language and cultural backgrounds are learning together here. Some families who attend our school cross generations.

This school is governed by the church and the school board. It is supported by a parent’s support group called the PTC (Parents-Teachers Council), the board members, room parents and many other parents. Throughout the year, the PTC holds events for our students and fundraisers to make their studying more fun.

Please join us and have a fun learning Japanese.

Madoka I. Hull, Principal